Spot Market

SPOT-MARKET of Sofia Commodity Exchange (SCE)
1. On the spot-market carried out is only trade with distinctly specified and uniquely qualified available (though not physically present at the exchange) commodities, which satisfy determined standard

2. The commodities are presented using preliminary typified offers.

3. The minimum value of one offer is BGL 1 000.

4. The deals are concluded during specialized exchange sessions, organized twice weekly.

5. Only licensed exchange intermediaries participate in the exchange sessions – brokers, accredited by the exchange members, holders of “A”- certificate for activity as a broker, issued by SCE.

6. Traders or manufacturers can participate in the sessions of SCE only via freely chosen and authorized by them broker.

7. The offers for the sessions must be submitted before the Secretariat of SCE not later than 1.30 PM (local time) on Tuesday for the current excahbe week.

8. The organization and the implementation of the exchange sessions are carried out in accordance with the Exchange rules of SCE.

9. The exchange sessions of the spot-market of SCE take place every Wednesday and Thursday from 2.00 PM, and every Friday from 10.00 AM.

10. The exchange deals are registered by means of typified contracts in three identical copies, signed by the both parties and attested by the quatation person of the current exchange session.

11. Each party pays SCE an exchange fee amounting to 0.25% of the value of the concluded deal. The broker’s commissions are directly negotiated between the brokerage houses (brokers) and their clients.

12. SCE organizes periodically training courses for professional brokers and issued certificates regarding their professional ability to participate in the exchange sessions.