The first and largest organized, concentrated and fast-liquid commodity market in Bulgaria. Welcome to
Sofia Commodity Exchange

Sofia Commodity Exchange AD is an organization intended to implement and develop the commodity exchange trade in Bulgaria. Being a public limited company, the Exchange realizes its activity on the basis of its Articles of Association, the Law on Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets, and the Trade Act.

The Exchange implements its activity in order to:
1. Build up modern market infrastructure;
2. Create conditions for expansion of the contacts among commodity producers, merchants and consumers;
3. Stimulate free competition;
4. Promote market relations.

The main goals in the activity of the Exchange are:
1. Creation, organization and development of open and competitive market for trading standardized exchange commodities contracts;
2. Formation and improvement of a mechanism for achieving equilibrium market prices;
3. Building up and recognition of a system of standard and specific mechanisms for defining the quality of and certifying the commodities, subjects of exchange trade;

In pursuance of its objectives and mission, the Exchange realizes the following activities:
1. Specifies the kinds of commodities and the size of the contracts traded on the Exchange and suspends temporarily or completely trade with some of them;
2. Prepares, organizes and realizes exchange sessions for concluding commodities transactions and contracts;
3. Organizes and registers the conclusion of the exchange transactions;
4. Assists the execution of the exchange transactions and organizes and controls the payments made on them;
5. Imposes sanctions for infringements of the legal and other regulations committed in the field of exchange trade;
6. Prepares general terms and conditions of exchange and other commercial contracts;
7. Carries out researches on and analyses of exchange and other commercial contracts;
8. Summarizes, analyzes and popularizes the exchange activity and practice, the prices’ movement and tendencies inclusive;
9. Implements information activities in regard to the exchange offers, the exchange prices and transactions concluded, by issuing a weekly exchange bulletin and through the means of mass communications inclusive;
10. Organizes and conducts preparatory courses for brokers and issues certificates to qualified brokers;
11. Keeps registers and other accounting of the broker certificates issued, of its members, of the brokers participating on the Exchange, of the transactions concluded, and of the arbitration disputes, relevant to the activity of the Exchange;
12. Co-operates with state bodies and institutions, associations, banks, companies, non-governmental organizations, local self-government bodies, and other organizations interested in exchange trade and its development;
13. Promotes co-operation with other exchanges, as well as exchange, financial, commercial and public institutions and organizations within the country and abroad;
14. Attracts domestic and foreign specialists and experts in order to consult and research problems in the field of exchange relations and contracts;
15. Represents the interests of its members at national and international exchange and trade forums and events;
16. Opens its own agencies within the country and abroad;
17. Carries out other activities, resulting from the Law on Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets, and the acts on its application.